Hello Spring

I love this coming month, Mother’s Day and my birthday and flowers everywhere. It is a golden opportunity to thank my children and grandchildren for the precious gifts I have received.

My youngest granddaughter, a writer has counseled me to read a book twice. “Why bother”, I responded, “I know the story”. But she insisted that my perception of the characters will have changed with additional reading. How very right she was! Her twin has been a faithful and reliable computer consultant with software and all my computer efforts. How did she learn so much so young? My youngest grandson left original paintings in every room in my home during his weekend visits. My oldest grandson introduced the movie, The Italian Job to me and I have been driving a Mini Cooper ever since. My sophisticated New York City granddaughter has introduced high- end designer fashion to me in treasured ways. How did I ever deserve to be so rich with earthly treasures?

The original source was my three children with whom I have leaned unconditional acceptance, respect for the search for excellence and patience. When my journey started many suns and moons ago, I had no idea how unexpected challenges would be met. Upon reflection, I choose to celebrate my efforts, always tapping into my inner resources to reach for the possible, one day at a time. Indeed, today is a very fine day.