Spring Cleanse

Surely, I can go to my closet to decide what to throw away, what to give away and what to keep.

To cleanse my mental closet of thoughts and feelings was so much more challenging. I keep a quote from Dr. Nelson Mandela as my guide, “When I left prison, I left my bitterness behind or I would still be in prison.”

To be free I had to decide what thoughts and feelings I would give away and what I would keep. Of course, I have been hurt and disappointed with a number of significant relationships . Although the relationships have ended, I cannot keep the hurt or I would still remain tied to that connection. To be free is my top priority enabling me to relinquish any troubling or negativity from my past. If and when the thoughts and feeling return, I’ll place them on a cloud and allow them to drift away. I choose to be free in my present day, one day at a time.