Trying Something New

“As long as you still experience the stars as something above you, you lack the eye of knowledge.” The sage as astronomer. Nietzsche

The star inside of you knows you have the desire, motivation and ability to try something new. At times, there’s another part of you that may say: “You cannot do that or you’ll probably fail and you don’t even know anything about that New thing.” When you try something New, another option would be: “I am a student here. What is there to learn that would be helpful?”

This is the first step in building self confidence and a positive self-esteem. Students are allowed to make mistakes that are seen as lessons. Lessons are steps in learning something New and building self confidence. This process moves toward your goal to experiment with a New thought, behavior and attitude without assuming any masterful accomplishments from your attempts. Additional benefits from trying something New is to enlarge your world and break through barriers of negativity and biases. Another step is to keep a record of your efforts, whether or not you are successful in meeting your goal; credit your efforts.

I’ll illustrate with someone I know well—myself. At one point in my life, I was tired of my usual exercise routine and wanted something different. I hadn’t ridden a bike in many, many decades and wondered if the myth was true: the body remembers. I listened to the bike shop owner: ”Never ride without a helmet; a small unseen pebble on the road can cause a fall and possible brain damage.” My first wobbly trip was to the local post office, and I improved after many visits to the corner. When I felt more confident, I rode to the next town, tracking my round trip miles. Within one year, I was tracking 50 miles, round trip, and was now ready to ride to the end of Long Island, Montauk. With a stay-over for rest and recuperation, I made that trip three times. Professional and seasonal athletes will scoff; but I was a winner. Today, I no longer ride but keep a photograph of my bike on the wall in my study as a symbol of trying something New.

For you a working formula could be: desire + will = attempt + newness. Good Luck!