June is the month in which most students step up—from pre-k to kindergarten, and high school seniors to college, work or the military. It is a rite of passage.

Don’t we all have to step up to our next level of human potential, to be all that is possible during out time on planet Earth? It is your birthright and privilege to determine your next endeavor.

For myself, I have miles to go on my journey. My first hurdle is to be more patient. Waiting calmly and peacefully is not an attribute to which I can claim achievement; this is a lifetime goal and a work in progress.

If you were to create a course outline for your self improvement and self care, identify an attribute or behavior to which you can strive. This may be challenging if you are striving for perfection. How about considering “just better”; better than you were yesterday. One way to move forward is to accept where you are today. Perhaps there was a time along your journey when you thought the change you wanted had to come from other people. Did I ever think that more patience wouldn’t be needed if everyone else would hurry and be on time? Laughable! As they say, “ be the change you want.”

The big question: how will you know when you have stepped up and graduated???