Make a list of the significant people in your life. Are you on this list? If so, where? It’s not selfish to make yourself #1. In fact, it’s an indication of positive self-esteem. This delightful book cuts to the heart of the self-esteem question and gives ideas on how you can build your own by devoting time to one very special person: yourself.

In clear, concise language, this book explores the childhood basis for self-esteem, and offers hands-on proven techniques. Self-tests will help determine whether you are stuck in childhood, preteen or teen behavior. Positive examples of healthy spiritual and emotional development are included, along with ways to effect change.

Each of these seven stories symbolize the struggles a woman must overcome to achieve self-actualization and a sense of self. Women are defined by their relationships, by cultural expectations and by their feelings of rejection and low self-esteem, which are the seeds of use, abuse and addiction. Yet each woman continues to strive to find herself.

This collection of stories is about women who have lost hope and experienced fear and despair but found the courage to assume hope and create a positive life. It takes a lot of courage to let go and move forward, deciding you can do it and make it work. It takes an internal strength that you will see within each of these women.

Marca Una Hora Personal, Pasos Sencillos Hacia Autoestima Positiva

Marca Una Hora Personal, Pasos Sencillos Hacia Autoestima Positiva